‘Calm down and get more things done in life’ says Productivity Guru David Allen

28th November 2015, Bangalore: Productivity Guru and Founder of GTD, David Allen launched his international bestseller and the 2015 edition of ‘GTD: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity’ in Bangalore today. David Allen also announced the appointment of Bangalore-based Calm Achiever as the Master Franchisee for Getting Things Done (GTD) in India. The world’s leading authority on personal and organisational productivity is visiting India for the very first time.  The India visit is part of his GTD World Tour and David heads to his last stop, Moscow on Sunday.

David Allen says, ‘research has shown that the brain cannot or is not designed to keep more than four things at a time which are meaningful. GTD as a methodology starts with the simple step of identifying what has your attention and then making decisions on what’s the successful outcome and what’s the next action.  GTD is all about creating mental space. A clear mind will create more opportunities to be creative and strategic. When we are creative and strategic we can get more things done and lead a more peaceful and productive life.’

Cognitive science in the last 20 years has proven beyond a doubt that the head is for having ideas and not for holding them. Speed doesn’t work all the time. We need to slow down and focus on the few, says David. According to him Getting Things Done (GTD) is an extraordinary methodology for stress-free performance and a total work-life management system that has helped thousands of people worldwide. We have been researching the art of stress free productivity for over 30 years and its best practices are going to benefit individuals and institutions here immensely.

Mohammed Arif Vakil, Director & Master Trainer at Calm Achiever said, “GTD is a global movement with practitioners all around the world, including India. This methodology is especially relevant in India as increasing number of people are becoming knowledge workers. To keep the mind clutter-free and to be productive calls for a very simple but strategic change in thinking and working – and the answer is GTD! We are living in a hyper connected world, and are constantly bombarded with information from all sides. Not only is this creating distraction & causing us to procrastinate, it is also adding a phenomenal amount of stress on our lives. GTD has transformed us since our training in the year 2008 and today we are thrilled to be appointed as the master franchisee for India as well as the certified Master Trainers for GTD.”

Calm Achiever is co-founded by Mohammed Arif Vakil & Mohammed Ali Vakil and both have been certified GTD Trainers since 2008. Their company Vakil Housing became the first company in India to be trained in GTD by the David Allen Company in 2008. Arif & Ali are passionate about education, art & spirituality. Having experienced the success implementing GTD in their lives, they are bringing the benefits of GTD to Corporate India. Their mission is to promote the concept of GTD and the art of stress-free productivity in India.